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1. For non E-U foreigners with valid residence visa in their passport

Only the
non EU-foreigners need the residence permit to resides in the Spanish territory. For a non EU-foreigner to legally enter the Spanish territory he/she must show a valid passport and the corresponding visa. And if the he/she decides to remain in the Spanish territory it is necessary he obtain an extension or a residence permit After a period of time exceeding 90 days. Application for the Spanish Residency Permits are made in person to the Foreigners' Office (Oficina de Extranjeros) or any National Police Station with a foreigners' department nearest the town or city were the applicant is already dwelling or going to live. You will be require to provide some documents depending on the type of residence permit being applied for. (see type of residence permits  below).

The following documents must be provided:

* A valid International Passport.

* Valid residence visa.

* Medical certificate (certificado medico), if applicant has not previously presented it when he obtained his residence visa.

* Previous legal residence proof. like a rental contract or rent receipts.

* Proof that your health assistance is guaranteed during your residence in Spain.

* Police criminal character (certificate of criminal record) issued by the authorities of the applicant's home country.

* There must be proof of financial income to survive during the period of stay in Spain. like work salaries, personal savings, pensions etc.

* Marriage or divorce certificate or other documents relating to applicant's marital status, and a Spanish translation will be required when applicants wants to apply for reuniting of family.

* A valid International Passport

* A work contract signed by the worker and the management of the company with an agreement of a work period not less than one year.

* A valid certificate of criminal record (Police report) issued by the authorities of the applicant's home country.

*Medical certificate (certificado medico). From the hospital here in Spain to show his metal and physical state of health.

The foreigner must have a valid proof of continued stay in Spain during a minimum period of three years. Documents like school identity cards, your asylum certificate (asilo),bus ticket e.g abono, hospital card or any medical documentation, certificate of rent (certificado de incscripcion padronal) popularly known as Empadromiento can all serve as valid proofs of continued stay in the country. The foreigner in these period of years must posses a clean criminal record in Spain. If the foreigner meet the above requirements, he/she will then have to provide the following documents along with his/her proof to solicit for the Spanish Residence Permit.


To Apply For The Spanish
Residence Permit…

2. For non E-U foreigners without a valid residence visa in their passport

Types of Spanish Residence Permit

1. Temporary residence permit: Holders of this type of residence permit are allows to remain in Spain over a period of time ranging from 90 days to 5 years. And the residence permit may be renewed after that limit depending on the status of the holder at the point of re newer.

2. Permanent residency permit: This type of residence permit is available to foreigners who have held a temporary residence permit for a continuous period of 5 years. It is been renewed every 5 years.

3. Residency permit for special circumstances: This type of residence is applicable to EU-foreigners whose asylum application had been denied and as a result the Spanish Ministry of Interior now authorises them stay.

4. Residency permit for reuniting families: This allows the foreigner living in Spain to solicit in respect of his immediate family for the Spanish residence permit. And he or she must have been residing legally in Spain for at least one year and still have an authorization to reside at least for another one year.

Residence Permits are renewable, so long as neither personal or economic situations of the permit holder has changed at the time of re newer. Re newer is to be made at least a month before the expiration of the residence permit.

As the law of Spain are subject to changes. It is greatly advice to at least still consult a good lawyer to brief you on any changes in the law and how to go about it, as that is what they are trained for. But the above information can serve as a guide regarding what you need and the credentials you should have to apply for the Spanish Residence Permit. Let it serve as a manual on how to get the Spanish Residence Permit.

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