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Particulars of Guarantor

Particulars of Asset


The first line should be filled with the full name of guarantor and his nationality e.g nigerian.

And the second line his profession and full address (house address).

The third line (name of Applicant): should be the person applying for the passport’s name.

The forth line is proposing with my full knowledge and consent to proceed to (name of Country): this is the name of the country the applicant is going to or already residing, e.g Spain.

The fifth line (for the purpose of): this mean for whichever reason the applicant has or is making this journey to the said named country. Answers like this is ok. To Sturdy, On vacation, On visit etc.


(hereinafter referred to as "the Applicant") wishes to travel outside Nigeria for the purpose of: the answer is the same as the last answer for the purpose of, e.g To sturdy etc.

I / WE: this refer to the guarantor’s name and surname

Of: this is the guarantor’s place of origin consisting of town and country e.g Edo State, Nigeria.

The guarantor should then thumbprint with his right thumb finger on the space labelled RIGHT THUMB PRINT. And should sign on the right hand corner labelled Signature of Guarantor/Declaration.

That is all, the rest part of the form is for official use to be filled by the authority in charge of processing the passport which in this case is the Nigerian Embassy in Spain.

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Your guarantor can be any body. It doesn’t matter how many times he has stand as a guarantor for anyone in respect of this epassport application form. So long as he has all the required documents to stand for you as a guarantor, which are photocopies of a valid Spanish Residence Permit, a valid Nigerian Passport (the old or the new one, so long as it has not expired) passport photograph with his surname and name in capital letter written behind the photo.

The printed guarantor’s form should be filled by
The Guarantor in capital letters as follows:

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